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Troy's Birthday March 4-6, 2016

The boys picked me up at work just after lunch. Troy had dropped Bug off for his weekend adventure at Doggie Daycare, packed the truck and picked up the boy. We were heading out to our adventure to celebrate Troy's birthday and our 22 year anniversary.

We headed out to Glacial Lakes State Park amidst snow flurries excited for our adventure to begin.

We arrived at the campsite and found our cabin for the night. We were very pleased to find bunkbeds (Dylan especially), a table, screened in porch and deck. We unpacked the truck and set up our beds and camp before Troy and I walked around a little bit, since Dylan was so enamored by the cabin he didn't want to leave.

There was a deck overlooking the lake and gorgeous rolling hills due to the glacial formations. We cooked hot dogs over a wood fire and had baked beans and Troy's homemade potato salad. Though it was a day early, Dylan and I took the opportunity to surprise Troy with his birthday cards and cake of cupcakes and candles. He came into the cabin and we yelled surprise and blew horns at him. He was very surprised.

Dylan had too much fun with Troy's cards since they sang songs at him.

Saturday morning and we were all up early. We explored the area and cleaned up all the garbage we could find before searching for cool rocks and artifacts for Dylan to bring to the Science Museum for their exchange program. One of the rocks we found was slate and Troy had an experiment for Dylan to break off a piece of slate. He thought it was awesome the way it broke off and it could fit back together again.

We needed to meet the naturalist to get our Mn Parks Passport and join them for a walk. We weren't sure how far we would go since it was a good five mile hike to the top. We learned quite a bit about the glacier formations and the eskers as well as the erratics (which is a rock dropped randomly by the glacier). It was so cool just to see them. The hike was difficult given the terrain. The path was also very muddy in some spots and icy in others. So icy in fact that Troy fell a few times before we were back to our cabin.

We relaxed, had martinis and dinner before we enjoyed a fire and a little stargazing before heading to bed, a little early after that long hike.

Sunday we all slept in then packed among a beautifully sunny day. We got our DNR stamp in the passport and headed home. On the way we saw a sign for the Lake Maria State Park and detoured there for a stamp for that park as well. What a great adventure, we would definitely do that again.

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