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WhimSea is away

WhimSea is on her way to Sault Ste Marie as I type this message. We saw them off with an excellent breakfast (thank you so much Deb, Janet, Kathy, Karen, Kathy... everyone!) then a bunch of us piled onto Rain or Shine and watched them wing away. They were headed towards the Big Island at 6.5 knots when we last talked.

I've linked to a number of photos taken that day. Yes, I probably went a little bit overboard on the photos, but what the hey, it's the last sight of WhimSea until they cross the finish line. I'm looking forward to a drive up to the Soo and the chance to see the race actually start. I'll then hook up with them in Duluth when they cross the finish line, I'll be watching from the transponder site linked in the message below.

Keep an eye on them!


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WhimSea tracking link

Trans Superior Link

Because so many people were wondering how to track WhimSea, I thought I'd put another link on the start of the blog.


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Some more correspondence

I received the new scratch list from Dale today. I'm posting both the message and the new list. This time Endeavor is on the list and in our class. I bring your attention to these guys as they were the folks hulled a few weeks ago by the careless trailer power boater. They have a higher phrf so have a bit of a time advantage over us. We should be crossing the finish line before these guys if we sail a good game.


New Scratch List;


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Reference Book

I thought I would create a reference book which should contain most everything related to sailing and racing Whimsea. One of the things I'm going to include is Whimsea's sailing instructions. On our training sail it was great to see everyone working together and looking to get done what should be done. We had a lot of folks and were able to get a lot accomplished. However, we need to make sure when we are contemplating a maneuver the watch captain or skipper walk through how it will be executed, assign people specific duties and the cues involved marking the begining of the maneuver. Since we all have our own boats and own way of doing things, we'll need to make sure we're able to meld with each other sail Whimsea efficiently.

Everyone reacted excellently to the situation that occurred on the return trip and we developed a great process for taking in the whisker boom. I think the incident helped illustrate the need for a bit of patience in walking through the process to make sure everyone is working towards the same goal.

Let me know if you have any additions, subtractions or comments.



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Registration Proceedures

Today I received the following e-mail message that I forwarded to the entire crew. I'm including the text here so that it's available;

It included an attachment, for which I'm including a link, that is the crew waiver. Please review the waiver to make sure you are comfortable with the terms. I will make the insurance binder available for review as well, in case you're interested. This will probably be the document we use for customs as well, since I'll need a list to present to the customs officers.

Karen discovered last night a note that was made on the invoice detailing notes of the engine commissioning which mentioned the need to replace the engine's raw water intake hose and the squealling belt we heard on Sunday. Jeremy has replaced the hose and tightened the belt. He has even gone so far as to donate a sterio to replace the one in the nav station that's busted and he installed it over his lunch hour today - Thank you Jeremy!!!

Dave will be picking up the genoa on Friday night and depending on the weather and inclination may bend it on and take off the main.

Rock on!!


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More Links and Such

Obtaining an LMPHRF

Here are the procedures for getting the rating;

We obtained our sail number from US Sailing. These folks also provide the rules. Their site is;
which has a link to the racing rules along with all the appendices. There are also some calculators and such that give theoretical max hull speed and some of the other ratios and such.

Here are the racing rules sans appendices;

The nav rules are on board Whimsea, along with the light list as required by the race rules. At any rate, here's a link to where the USCG keeps the rules electronically;

And here are the rules - once again, kind of keeping stuff in the same place

A good thing to review for climate and approach information - we will have this on Whimsea - is the Coast Pilot for Lake Superior. We're only going to have the Lake Superior data on board. Here's the link;

And here's the electronic pdf for downloading of Coast Pilot 6 for Lake Superior and the St. Mary's River;
Lake Superior -

St. Mary's River -



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Race Tracking

Here's the link to the folks that will be doing the interactive tracking;

The race itself will be tracked at this link;

The site was loading very slowly this evening as I'm writing this. I'm also wondering if they are going to have any of the yachts that are not on the list presently. Endeavor isn't on the list but they are planning on doing the race (those were the guys that were hulled by that careless launcher a few weeks back).


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Notice of the Race

I thought it would be a good idea to have this document located with the rest of the race stuff. Otherwise it's a matter of hunting all over the place looking for the documentation.

Notice of the Race

Safety Equipment outlined by the Trans-Superior race committee

Here's the finish line too.
Race Finish Line


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Border Crossing

I just want to make sure we don't get caught flat footed with anything. I'm posting the documents for both entering Canada and the US. I'm thinking before we leave we all enter the information required for Canadian entry on a list so I can bring the list to the customs officer.

Canadian border crossing

& Arriving by boat in Canada;

US border crossing border crossing.pdf


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Trans-Superior Welcome Letter

I thought I would post all the correspondence I receive from the race committee so that we're all on the same page.

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Border Crossing

I have reserved the last 30' dock for Thursday (if we get there early) and Friday night before the race at the Mary Bondar Marina. Here's a link for the Marina;,1,3,16,108,149

There are some pictures of the site. It's also a custom's clearance site as well.



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2007 Trans Superior

The preparations for the Trans Superior are well under way. We are one week to the date the team leaves to deliver the boat to Sault Ste. Marie. They are obviously excited about the adventure. More to come as things evolve....

Trans Superior

This is the blog for the Trans Superior. The longest freshwater race in the world.

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