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And the race begins

Saturday morning and we helped the boys finish their offloading and preparation for the race. It is very difficult to describe the anticipation and excitement in them. The whole crew was practically vibrating with it.

Around 8:30 they pulled away from the dock and headed to the locks on the Canadian side. The plan was to drive out there and get some pictures of them locking through, so Deb, Kathy and I jumped in the WhimSea mobile and headed that way.

When we arrived at the lock, we found it full of other racers and WhimSea standing off and on behind the locks. There was someone up the mast (which we think was Matt) and crewmembers running from side to side on the boat to get her rocking and give Matt a good ride.

Since the lock was full, they turned around and motored away (wanting to burn away some diesel full weight too. It looked to us girls like they were heading out to the US locks and since we were going to be watching from Gros Cap, we were in a dilemma. We wouldn't be able to get pictures of them in the US locks and get back for check out time and to see them off at Gros Cap.

What we didn't know at the time (which is a real bummer) is that they were just driving around to burn off fuel and planned to return to the locks on the Canadian side once it was open. It was really unfortunate as we missed out opportunity to see them one last time and get some good pictures.

We packed up from the hotel and headed to Gros Cap for some pictures and to see the race start. At Gros Cap we were joined by lots of other race watchers as well as some locals. Many read an article in the Sault Star about the race start and came down to see it. Among those who came to see us were the folks from Reggie's Bar that the team befriended in 2007. They remembered the crew and wanted to see them off and wish them luck. How cool is that!

After we saw the start of the race, we headed back west for our long drive home.


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