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WhimSea Update

I heard from Troy today. They are having an excellent time. They visited Isle Royale and saw a moose and her calf as well as a bunch of otters by Rock Harbor. They rested up and relaxed at the Big Island before heading off on the next leg of the trip. They were at Grand Marais Michigan this morning and decided it was too early and too nice of a day not to press on towards the Sault.

This evening they are in a harbor of refuge near Whitefish Bay. The wind is howling (I could hear it in the phone) and they are spending the night there. They did ground on their way in, but WhimSea is fine. Tomorrow they will head to Sault Ste Marie. They hope to arrive for an overnight stay (and rest up) on Thursday. We'll be meeting up with them on Friday afternoon.

More as it comes....

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Comment from: Bruce & Kathy Behnke [Visitor]
We are glad to hear they are all having a good time. We hope the race goes well and the Whim Sea wins!!!
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Comment from: Doug and Becky Pruitt [Visitor]
From your neighbors at Knife River Marina. Following your trip on the internet. Best of luck. Hope to hear about it on my next trip to Knife River.
Headed back to Phoenix tomorrow. Look forward to the return.
Permalink 08/04/07 @ 17:56

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