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SS Meteor

There's an article in today's Star Tribune about the work to clean up the SS Meteor for the spring commissioning. Here is a link for you:

The museum opens for the season today.


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Apostle Island Fleet Action '08

I thought I would put some postings regarding this event here so that there's a central place for the information should an e-mail address get dropped or something gets missed. This will probably be more of a recap of e-mail messages sent but there may be a couple of things not critical that may be in here.

Greetings and salutations,

Over the last few years discussions have been held about doing a group sail over to the islands. This year we have a date range for doing so and figure we might as well put it out there for anyone that would want to participate. The dates are Saturday, August 23rd through Tuesday, the 26th. The plan is to leave about 8:00 on the 23rd and sail out for Sand Island (anchorage/rendezvous point to be determined), spend a couple of days in the islands, to either spend with the group or explore on your own or in smaller groups. We’ll Rendezvous Monday night for an early Tuesday morning departure (probably 8:00 again).

Let me know if you will be interested and able to go and I will keep your address in the mailing list. I will only be sending e-mail messages to those folks interested in receiving them. This isn’t an official yacht club event (hence the message from my account), everyone is encouraged to participate.

I will be posting information in the blog site ( as well so there will be a repository of the information sent out though I may put some check lists and stuff that may be beneficial (let me know if you think something should be included that I missed).

I’m excited about sailing out with a bunch of folks, power boats included (though power boats may wanna just go dead slow to keep with the fleet). Whimsea will not be dropping the hook until the last boat is cruising into the anchorage. I love it at the marina but it is nice to stretch the legs once in a while. Since we have a longer weekend we have some leeway with the weather window. If the weather proves a bust we may be able to do something in September though August would be nice.

So, just to recap;

- let me know if you’re interested and I’ll keep you on the list, if I don’t hear from you by 9th, I’ll exclude you from the mailing list (though you’re still welcome and can read the updates on the blog)

- if you know of anyone that would like to do it and I missed in this message, let me know and I will include them (though include their e-mail address please) or have them e-mail me

- the dates are 8/23-8/26

I think this will be a lot of fun and a great adventure!! I hope y’all can make it!!

Fair winds,

Troy & Karen


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McDougall's Dream

Posted by Troy A. Brown

Superior Public Museums is holding the second annual fund raising event to preserve the SS Meteor Whaleback on Saturday, September 16th.

Being familiar with the Lake Superior Marine Museum's work ( it makes sense to also familiarize ourselves with similar happenings on the other side of the St. Louis bay.

"The dinner and silent auction is on-board the SS Meteor and includes; Optional 5 pm tour, entertainment, silent auction, cash bar, gourmet buffet featuring a variety of savory canapes and fresh summer salads, along with pan seared bistro steak, grilled pork tenderloin, pan fried whitefish and assorted deserts prepared by Kirk Batrud of the Boathouse Restaurant."

Karen and I have invited my mom along to sail with us from Knife River to Barker's Island Marina to spend the night and attend the event. We've toured the SS Meteor a few times and thought this would be a lot of fun to have dinner aboard and help preserve this interesting ship development sidebar.


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