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Unknown Dates

This is a list of shipwrecks that don't have a date associated with them (that we could find).

  • A.C. Adams (1923). Abandoned outside of Duluth.
  • A.C. Van Raalte. Abandoned outside of Red Cliff.
  • Albany (1853). A two masted schooner. She foundered.
  • Algonquin (1856). She portaged around the Soo in 1839, one of the earliest decked vessels on Lake Superior. She foundered in the harbor and was abandoned.
  • Alice Vivian (1947). A wooden dredge built in 1898, she caught fire in 1947.
  • B.B. Inman (1916). Abandoned and scrapped near the Duluth entry.
  • Bob Cook. A wooden scow, the Bob Cook founered somewhere between Superior and Bayfield, WI.
  • Bucephalus. Destroyed in a storm in 1853.
  • Charlotte. Abandoned, Bayfield county.
  • Fayling (1943). Abandoned outside Duluth.
  • J.F. Yattaw. Abandoned at Ashland.








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